Saturday, February 6, 2010

Iowa City Connection

Ella Lamson, the 5th child of Ward & Maria Lamson, married Charles Clapp Clark in 1885. Charles was born in Iowa City.

His parents were Sophia Clapp Clark (right) (1829-1884) & Joseph Warren Clark (1823-1868). Sophia and Joseph had 4 children, the first two born in Huntsburg, Ohio and the 3rd and 4th in Iowa City:

  • Elizabeth Louise (1854-1913)

  • Florence Eliza (1857-1885)

  • Charles Clapp (1859-1951)

  • Harold Warren (1861-1923)

This is a photo of Charles, "Lizzie" and Florence in 1864. Apparently Harold was to young to pose for the photographer!

This family is the core family that we will be researching in Iowa City.

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