Monday, February 8, 2010

Burlington Golf Club History - by Margaret Clark, 1975

"In 1898, Charles Clapp Clark (right) and Jackson (Jack) Garrett called a group of friends together to see if there was enough interest to start a Golf Club in Burlington. There was. Land was bought from Mr. Ritter on Sunnyside Avenue, north of Aspen Grove Cemetery's northern boundary. A brick home on the property was to be the Club house. This was located just about where the Cemetery gates now stand. The first tee also was there. A course, of sorts, was laid out and play was started on May 30, 1899.

On June 7, 1899, articles of incorporation were filed thus making this the first incorporated Golf Club west of the Mississippi. An organizational meeting was held and the following officers were elected :
  • President: Charles C. Clark
  • Captain of the Green: H.W.Chettenden
  • Secretary: Jack Garrett
  • Treasurer: H.W.Perkins
The officers were ex-officio members of the Board of Directors, the other elected members being Mabel G. Millard, Ruth C. Sherfey and E.W. Danner. The membership was set at 200"
This is the first two paragraphs of a 2 page documentary from my Aunt Polly in 1975 (available upon request). The Golf Club was at the heart of my childhood memories - every summer my 4 sisters and I would visit our grandparents, Hilly & Warren Clark, and spend the hot summer days swimming at the Club and playing tennis with our Schramm cousins.
This summer I will re-visit those memories and further research the Clark and Schramm families.

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