Monday, February 8, 2010

Burlington Connection

Ella Lamson(right) (Fairfield Connection) went to Boston to study piano about 1881 where she became an accomplished pianist. She taught piano at her home in Burlington for many years and passed the art onto her daughter Margaret (Aunt Polly - right).

Charles Clapp Clark graduated from Law School at the University of Iowa and then came to Fairfield to teach, which is where he met the Lamson family.

Ella and Charles were married in 1885 and shortly after Charles was offered a job in Burlington with the Seeley Law firm. They moved to Burlington.

Ella and Charles started with a small house and piece of property overlooking the Misissippi River located at 922 N. 3rd. Over the years they made additions which evolved into an absolutely elegant manor. This is a "must see" on our upcomming tour this summer!!!

Ella and Charles had two children, the oldest was Maragret (photo above) and the youngest was Warren Pomeroy Clark, my grandfather (left).

Warren attended Dartmouth College, obtained a business degree, and after graduating moved to Chicago and worked for General Electric. About 1920 he returned to Burlington and was offered a job in the furniture business with Chettenden and Eastman, where he was employed for the rest of his life.

Warren Clark married Hilda Mabley in 1924. "Hilly" as we all knew her, was raised in St. Louis and attended college at the University of Wisconsin. Over Christmas break in 1920 she accompanied her roommate back to her roommate's home town of Burlington. Charles and Ella had an elaborate Christmas party at their home which Hilly and her roommate attended. It was there that Warren met Hilly Mabley. Their engagement lasted four years.

Hilly and Warren resided at 919 N 3rd, a home that my sisters and I visited for many summers while growing up. Another "must see" for our trip!

Hilly and Warren had two girls, my mother (left) Judith Maragret Clark and her younger sister, Louise who passed away recently after a courageous battle with Parkinson's.

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