Friday, February 5, 2010

Fairfield Public Library

Ward Lamson (right) married 4 times, the first three were in Burlington in 1844 (Elizabeth Dills), 1847 (Elizabeth Smith Carter) and 1851 (Sarah Potter). He relocated to Fairfield.

Having buried three wives and a son, and his father Silas in and out of jail and asylums (yes, I promise I will write about Silas later!!), Ward set his sights on establishing a free county library.

With the help of Christen Slagal, the Fairfield Public Library was opened in August 1853. That same year Ward married his 4th wife, Maria Albertina Danielson who had been a "hired girl" to his 3rd wife.

Yesterday, Rebecca Huggins, the Director of the Fairfield Public Library graciously took time out of her busy schedule to talk to me. She informed me that the library has a newly restored oil painting (with the help of generous private donors) of Ward that she described as "outstanding".

I can't wait to see the library, the painting and learning more about my great-great-great-grandfather from knowledgeable people like Rebecca Huggins!!!

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