Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fairfield Iowa Connections

  • The 5 daughters of Ward & Maria Lamson:

Florence Slagle (L)

Lizzie Hunt

Ella Clark

Carrie Ross

Mary Howard (R)

My mother has at least 38 known ancestors who either were born or died in Fairfield. Nine are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, maybe more. Family names include Bowman, Howard, Hunt, Lamson, Ross, Roth & West.

The nuclei of the Fairfield connection are Maria Danielson(1832-1920) & Ward Lamson(1820-1904). Ward is the 8th of 11 children whos parents were Susan & Silas Lamson of Massachusetts. Silas was quite a character and I will write more about him later. Maria's parents, Elizabeth Louisa Anderson (1792-1895) & John Danielson (1799- )immigrated from Sweden to Four Courners in 1845. I will cover more about them in the Four Corners Connections section tomorrow.

Ward & Maria had the following children, all born in Fairfield:
~ Elizabeth
~ Victor Alonzo
~ Ralph Waldo
~ Mary
~ Ella - my great-grandmother
~ Carrie Albertina
~ Florence Eva
~ Clara Emily
~ Arthur Ward

Most of our family connections in Fairfield are ascendants or descendants of Ward & Marie Lamson

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